Blog #397: The Ministry of the Adeara Recovery Centre.

In our weekly church website blogs, we are in the midst of promoting and explaining those missions and ministry groups that we support in our yearly financial budget, as well as with prayer. We have already looked in these blogs at Cornerstone Counselling, Restored Ministries, and the Mustard Seed. Today, we turn our attention to Adeara. The following is taken from their website (

Adeara is an accredited addiction recovery centre for women and their children. Our long-term, faith-based program guides women through each stage of their healing journey—from addiction to recovery, and ultimately reintegrating into healthy community. Our mission is to empower and equip women to live in sustainable recovery through hope, healing, and restoration by providing long-term, faith-based programming, counselling, and life skills support.

Our organization began in 1998 as an extension of Edmonton’s Inner City Mission. We grew out of an escalating need for a long-term recovery program for women in the downtown core. Formerly known as the Edmonton Dream Centre or “The Pink House,” we first operated out of a house on 96 Street.

In 2005, we moved out of the inner city to an apartment complex. This new facility had a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of Adeara’s programming. At-risk women now had a new safe space to heal—away from the challenges of the inner city. In 2017, we rebranded as Adeara Recovery Centre. Adeara comes from the word “strength” in Hebrew, which we felt perfectly encapsulated the women of Adeara. Today, we look forward to a future of growing our impact throughout Edmonton and beyond.

Adeara provides in-depth addition programming over the course of one year to treat the whole person. We follow the biopsychosocial-spiritual model, believing that each of these elements is essential in creating long-term, sustainable change for women in addiction and their families.

· Biological: Establishing structure and meeting physical needs

· Psychological: Addressing underlying causes of addiction and creating new coping skills

· Social: Establishing healthy relationships, community and life skills

· Spiritual: Offering opportunity for spiritual development and connection to God

Our programming includes:

· A safe and secure apartment suite for each client

· Daily recovery-oriented classes and events

· Relapse prevention

· Individual counselling and group therapy

· Support for transition into independent living

· Parenting supports and family reintegration

· Life skills development

An easy way to support Adeara is through volunteering at their Edmonton thrift store called “More Than a Fad”. Led by a small team of staff and a dedicated body of volunteers, the store of over 10,000 square feet holds a large stock of pre-loved clothing, home goods, furniture, books, antiques, and so much more. All profits directly support Adeara Recovery Centre. To find out more, please go to

Our church has supported Adeara for many years and we remain thankful for the valuable ministry it does. May the Lord continue to bless the workers and the clients of Adeara, as it helps women and their families come back to the life God would have for them in Jesus.

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