Our Beliefs
Doctrines & Principles

We hold to the doctrines and principles

for which Baptists have historically stood,

thus, we believe


in the Trinity of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
in the deity and humanity of Jesus Christ


in the sinfulness of humankind

that the salvation of humans is obtained only by God’s grace
 and through one’s placing of their faith in Jesus Christ
 as human beings have no ability to earn their own salvation


that Scriptures are truthful and are sufficient as the revelation of God and are the final authority in one’s life


in baptism by immersion
for all who proclaim Jesus as their Lord and Saviour

The Lord’s Supper

the Lord’s Supper is observed
in memory of Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins, 
and in commemoration of his rising again to eternal life for all who believe,
and of his future Second Coming

Freedom and Liberty

in the right of freedom of conscience
and the liberty of worship for all people

Church Membership

the right of Church membership
is to be reserved for those who proclaim Jesus as their Lord and Saviour
and who adhere to His teachings as revealed in Scripture

Church and State

in the separation of Church and State
in that the State will maintain an attitude of neutrality towards the Church

Congregational Government

the local Church has Congregational Government,
 under the guidance of the Holy Spirit,
and in association with other like-minded churches


We therefore exist to:

      • worship and glorify God through the acceptance of and in obedience to Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit

      • know the Word of God and understand our Faith

      • administer the Ordinances of the New Testament

      • preach the Gospel, witness to our personal experience, and remain faithful

      • encourage and help each other in our spirit and discipleship

      • pray, care, make sacrifices for and rejoice with each other

      • disciple disciples

      • support Christian missions both locally and globally