Blog #395: Restored Ministries’ Far-Reaching Impact

Starting last week with a look at the ministry of Cornerstone Counselling, in these church blogs, we will be focusing, one by one, on the different ministries that our church supports financially and in prayer. By giving our church support to these ministries, the hope is that they feel encouraged, and that they will be able to use our support to better what they are doing. Today’s ministry that we are focusing on is Restored Ministries (a ministry that our church was the first to support and, of which, of course, we feel so thankful).

The website for Restored Ministries says this about its history and approach:

In 2017, Matt Cline founded Restored Ministries to equip individuals and churches to have victory over the epidemic of pornography and sexual brokenness in our world. Matt has been a leading speaker and coach in Canada on the topic of sexual brokenness since 2014 and has seen countless lives radically changed all around the world through his ministry. He is trained as a John Maxwell Group coach and speaker and is a Gateway School of Ministry graduate. At first, Restored was mostly an offline ministry, doing in-person coaching and live events around western Canada. In the summer of 2020, Restored launched interactive online programs while also being featured by multiple media outlets with large audiences. This led to an explosion of growth that has continued to this day. Men and women from all over the world have now gotten free of sexual addictions and various forms of trauma through the support of Restored Ministries.

The transformative power of the Holy Spirit is the main focus in all of Restored’s teaching and support programs. Through combining biblical approaches, up-to-date scientific research, and powerful coaching techniques, individuals consistently have safe, face-to-face interactions with the deep pain in their hearts that has been silently holding them captive for years. Behaviour modification is a minor focus, but godly transformation of the spirit, heart, and mind is where most of the time is spent. This is what leads to lasting freedom, which is the goal with each person.

Over the past year, Matt has been featured on podcasts with global audiences, other ministries have promoted Restored’s resources, and we have a devotional on the YouVersion Bible app called “Healthy Biblical Sexuality”. Matt has ministered in Ottawa, Minnesota, Fort St. John, Lacombe, Stettler, Bonnyville, Red Deer, and numerous other churches in Alberta. We have events planned into 2025 in various places in Canada and the USA. We are growing our speaker team with local speakers as well as multiple speakers in the USA and one in Perth, Australia. They will do Restored Ministries events in their local areas.

One big project on the horizon is producing a documentary for churches, small groups, and other ministries to use. It’ll feature personal stories of God’s transformational work when we as the church step into the battlefield of fighting sexual sin.

The Pure Victory Podcast has been listened to in 132 different countries and is in the top 3% of podcasts globally for listener downloads. We regularly hear from listeners who have been impacted and have found freedom through the podcast. One of their clients, after having relapsed in his porn addiction, found Restored’s “Pure Victory Podcast” on Spotify, got involved with their online platform” and has now become a speaker on their behalf. He says, “This has been the most stretching, emotional, grounding, and freeing time of my life. I’m not just on a spiritual high. I’m going through a spiritual deepening.” Another man, after being addicted to pornography for close to 30 years, got involved in Restored’s “Group Coaching”, is now the Chairman of the Board at his church, and has seen his marriage improve and his family life healed.

As a church, we are happy to support Restored Ministries and pray God’s protection and blessing upon its workers and ministry, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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