Blog #394: The Ministry of Edmonton’s Cornerstone Counselling

Starting this week, we are going to focus, one by one, on the different ministries that our church supports financially and in prayer. By giving our church support to these ministries, the hope is that they feel encouraged, and that they will be able to use our support to better what they are doing. Today’s ministry that we are focusing on is Cornerstone Counselling.

Cornerstone’s Mission Statement states: Cornerstone Counselling seeks to demonstrate the inclusive love of Jesus by offering accessible services that promote mental, emotional, and relational wellness. Cornerstone is an Edmonton-based counselling service that was begun by some Christian counsellors in the basement of the old Bonnydoon Baptist Church, and it has grown into a centre that (on its website) lists 25 counsellors and 11 support staff workers.

At Cornerstone Counselling, the following services are offered: Individual Counselling, Couples Counselling, Youth Counselling, Family Counselling, and Indigenous Counselling. These counselling sessions are with trained professionals, but there is also Online Counselling available. As well, Cognitive Behaviour, Life, and Career Assessments are part of their counselling package. All of these counselling sessions are with trained professionals.

The money that our church gives to Cornerstone helps subsidize the costs of having paid staff, thus lowering the cost to their clients. However, there is one more service at Cornerstone which reads thusly, “We understand that even with a subsidy, the cost of counselling can be out of reach for some, so we developed the Advanced Graduate Level Intern Program.”
Furthermore, Cornerstone Counselling offers workshops presented by a variety of speakers on such diverse topics as Anger Management, Grief Support, Marriage Preparation, and Mental Health. Of course, everything said and done is confidential.
We wholly support Cornerstone Counselling and offer our prayerful and financial support to it. May the Lord bless them.

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