Blog #391: The Jezebel Spirit

Author Hope Bolinger, on the website, wrote an article entitled, “What is the Jezebel Spirit? Bible Meaning and Examples”. For anyone listening to the current sermon series going through the kings and queens of Israel and Judah, it should be obvious that in the so-called “divided nations” of Israel and Judah, there was no one like Jezebel. She controlled the agenda for many generations of Israelites and Judeans. Her influence was huge, her shadow long. To be honest, it is a tiring read through the books of 1st and 2nd Kings and 2nd Chronicles as Jezebel’s actions in establishing the religions of Baal and Ashtoreth worship – and, thus of relegating the worship of Israel’s true God, YHWH, to the backburner – are a heavy weight that affected everything in those nations, and ultimately led to their dissolution. Below, in part, is what Hope Bolinger wrote:
‘Many of us have heard about the person of Jezebel in the Bible. This evil queen of Israel murdered God’s prophets and reinstituted the worship of foreign idols such as Baals in Israel. Although many of us have heard about the person of Jezebel, we may not be as familiar with something known as a “Jezebel spirit”. The Jezebel spirit term is often used to describe someone who uses cunning, deception, and seduction to tear apart entire marriages, churches, and other entities. Unlike many evil spirits, the Jezebel spirit operates more subtly and sinisterly. We’ll explore the Jezebel spirit, how to discern if someone you know might have one, and how to ultimately defeat this evil spirit.
Jezebel was a Phoenician princess who married Ahab, king of Israel. She is primarily known for promoting the worship of the Canaanite deity Baal over the worship of Yahweh, the God of Israel, and for her opposition to the prophet Elijah. Her story is detailed in 1 Kings and 2 Kings, where she is portrayed as wielding considerable political power and influencing her husband to commit acts contrary to the commands of Yahweh. In these biblical accounts, Jezebel’s actions include:

· Supported the worship of Baal and Asherah, contrary to the Israelite religion, which worshipped Yahweh.

· Orchestrating the false accusation and execution of Naboth, enabling her husband Ahab to seize Naboth’s vineyard.

· Opposing and threatening the prophet Elijah after he triumphed over the prophets of Baal.

Due to these actions, Jezebel is often associated with traits such as manipulation, seduction, and control, particularly how she used power to influence and corrupt. In Christian teachings, a “Jezebel spirit” is often used metaphorically to describe individuals who are seen as using similar manipulative tactics, especially in spiritual or church contexts. However, this is a symbolic rather than a scriptural interpretation.

What Does the Jezebel spirit Do? How do we recognize when someone has a Jezebel spirit? This article mentions a hierarchy of evil spirits and suggests this is one higher up due to its cunning nature and ability to pull more than one trick out of its hat. Although these characteristics don’t always hint at someone having a Jezebel spirit, they are very much symptoms of being influenced or possessed by one. First, a person wants to orchestrate or control everything. Jezebel was the same during her time on Earth. She wanted all the subjects in Israel underneath her thumb.
Secondly, the spirit often uses manipulation or deception to get what it wants. In the same way that Queen Jezebel coerced others to do her bidding, the spirit will try to do the same through subtlety and sneaking.

Thirdly, and most telling, the Jezebel spirit uses seduction to sway people away from the paths of righteousness (Revelation 2:20). The church in Thyatira ran into this problem in Revelation when a fake prophetess, with the name Jezebel, tried to seduce its members, and the church allowed her to continue to stay.

Finally, the spirit is unrepentant of its actions. It knows it wreaks havoc and destruction. Its modus operandi is to tear apart holy and pure institutions and relationships. Satan likes to pervert good things, and one of the best ways to do that is via seduction, manipulation, and division. Enter the Jezebel spirit.

Before we dive into ways to defeat this spirit, I wanted to clarify that no one can be possessed by an evil spirit if they have a saving relationship with the Lord. Demons can tempt believers, but they cannot inhabit them. We also need to exercise extreme discernment. A person may display all of these traits and still not be inhabited or influenced by a Jezebel spirit. When discernment must be implemented, pray and ask for guidance and clarity when approaching this person. If this person is a part of your congregation, make sure to exercise proper church discipline. If they do not attend a church, pray for discernment on how you will go and confront this person about their actions.

How to Defeat a Jezebel spirit: Before we dive into how to defeat a Jezebel spirit that has influenced or inhabited someone, we must understand that the power to do so comes from the Lord. Christians who have called evil spirits out of someone, myself included, need to give the glory to God. After all, it is only by the power of the Holy Spirit in which we call these evil beings out of loved ones.
Let’s explain a few steps to defeat a Jezebel spirit once we’ve discerned that someone has one.

First, as mentioned in this article, ask God for the best course of action. Different spirits require different dealings. First and foremost, we need to follow the will of the Lord.

Secondly, if this person goes to your church and refuses to repent and ask for deliverance, you may need to ask them to step away from your congregation. Allowing Satan to operate within the walls of your church will only lead to pain and destruction. No matter how much you love this person, sometimes we have to make the difficult decision to send them away from the congregation for a season.

Finally, as Christians, we need to know that we have the ability, through the Holy Spirit, to bind evil spirits in Jesus’ name and to cast them out in Jesus’ name. With that said, spirits often return to a host (Matthew 12:43) even after being cast out. The only permanent solution is if the person who had once been inhabited repents and asks for deliverance. Sadly, the Jezebel spirit often puffs up the pride of the host so that they do not feel as though they need to repent. Continue to pray for this person to have a clarity of spirit and a spirit of repentance.’

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