Blog #386: The (almost) unseen work of CitizenGO

John Cline

Honestly, here in our city and in our corner of the world, we live blissfully unaware (mostly) of the battles for righteousness going on in the world. On its own website, CitizenGO describes itself as “formed by 17,150,276 active citizens stopping radical lobby groups from imposing their agenda on society.” The far-left Wikipedia says this about it: CitizenGO is an “ultra-conservativeg group founded in Madrid, Spain, in 2013 by the ultra-Catholic and far-right HazteOir organization, a similar Spanish platform that has been dedicated to the fight against “gender ideology” since 2001.

Frankly, if Wikipedia says such a thing about any group or individual, I am interested in finding out the truth about the accused and defamed group or individual as Wikipedia’s credibility has absolutely tanked as it has been taken over by extreme leftists and woke individuals who have increasingly decided to stand against and defame conservative groups and individuals. So, what should we Western Canadian Christians think about CitizenGO? At one time, I wouldn’t have thought too much about it – to be honest – but the changes in the past decade in our Western society with its increasingly liberal, woke, even totalitarian ways has led me to look into their work and has awakened in me a desire to understand what is going on. This seems like a spiritual battle, as the New Testament talks about, so what is going on?

As you know, the gospel of Jesus Christ established equality between the genders. We Christians naively assume that fact would be celebrated and even be good enough at the United Nations and its stated desire for such. But as Sebastian Lukomski of CitizenGO reported last week from the UN’s 68th Commission on the Status of Women, “This year it was more than just a conference – it was a battlefield where we stood toe-to-toe against the tide of radical feminism and leftist globalism that seeks to silence us. Each day felt like a marathon of resolve, with our dedicated team pitted against a swarm of aggressive opposition. It was an extremely tough battle. The team worked tirelessly, engaging from every conceivable direction and branching out as wide as possible, across as many delegations as we could. CSW is a global gathering at the UN that facilitates the push of the radical feminist agenda, including full recognition of transgender women as women, promotion of gender ideology through education in schools, for young girls, universal access to abortion as a recognized women’s right, indoctrination of young children, through highly sexualized content that seeks to destroy traditional family. values. In an alarming episode, our vans, emblazoned with messages of truth, were viciously vandalized. Merely a few blocks from the UN, extremists, driven by their intense animosity, tried to shatter the van’s windows, deface our message, and assault our driver. But we managed to put the brakes on their agenda! In the corridors and meeting rooms of the UN, our presence was felt like never before. We engaged with numerous delegations, sharing your insights (150,000 people had signed letters against the proposed extremist changes), your concerns, and your vision for a world where life, family, and freedom are upheld. We received very positive support, spoke at length, and worked closely with delegations including Uganda, Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, UAE, Argentina, Poland, and Belarus, among others. The African regional group on the negotiating table proved to be a key stronghold in rejecting these extreme proposals and preventing elements like CSE from infiltrating the Agreed Conclusions. The Nigerian delegation, in particular, held their ground and refused to give in to the progressive agenda. A week of triumphs, trials, and unshakeable spirit. The success in blocking what could have been a disastrous resolution meant that yet again, pro life, pro-family voices were heard loud and clear within the halls of the UN. We promised we would bring your voice right to the decision table, and we delivered. In hostile territory, our resolve only strengthened. Our team on the ground was nothing short of heroic. Despite the aggression, they’ve continued with an unbreakable spirit, ensuring your concerns are felt, seen, and heard. Back inside the UN, at the final negotiating meeting, the situation was heating up. Our presence bothered the delegates serving globalist powers: LGBT and trans lobbyists, radical feminists, abortion advocates, and gender ideologists who have hijacked the UN. We stood firm, raising our banners amidst a sea of opposition, reminding everyone present that women’s rights must not be overshadowed by ideologically driven agendas. Our actions go beyond mere presence; they are statements of defiance against the hypocrisy that pervades these forums. I know the impact we are having. I can see it firsthand when I am here – and trust me, our enemies know it too, and they hate it! We are here because if we don’t stand up for what is right, who will? We remain the only international group that directly challenges decision-makers strongly for life, family, and freedom, putting pressure they can’t overlook. May what we achieved together this week, inspire us to continue the resistance battle for our values in the months to come. The challenges ahead are many, but the path we’ve forged in New York lights a beacon for our continued fight.”

So, why have I written this blog? To promote CitizenGO? No. I wrote it to simply wake up we who are slumbering. Do you know that in Canada over 200 churches have been torched and burned down by arsonists in the past three years (and, there have been no investigations into any of those arsons, and thus no charges laid)? Do you know that the federal government has made euthanasia so pervasive that simply being sad is cause enough for assisted suicide in Canada (even here in Alberta where a 28-year-old woman last week won her court case against her father who went to court to prevent her government-sanctioned assisted suicide)? Our world has changed, and not for the better. We Christians need to be aware, to wake up to what is happening, and be prepared to engage in what is a spiritual battle.

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