Blog #385: Easter’s Over: We Should Live Differently Because of It

Granted, we are not the first disciples. Their lives were changed forever because of Easter. From being gobsmacked by Jesus’ arrest, heartbroken and confused by his death, and then – after seeing Jesus alive again on Easter Sunday and beyond (for a period of 40 days) – empowered to be courageous, convincing witnesses to the world that Jesus was resurrected, we can understand that their lives were never the same. One of the most astounding facts that is a “proof” of the factualness of the resurrection is that not one of Jesus’ disciples ever recanted or took back their claims that Jesus was alive. He had appeared to them, visited with them, and ate with them. And then, after 40 days of doing so, ascended to heaven in front of their very eyes, having given them instructions to wait in Jerusalem for God’s gift of the Holy Spirit in their lives. After that happened on Pentecost Sunday, there was no holding back of the disciples’ witnessing about Jesus. No matter how much their proclamation of faith brought them persecution, revilement, and suffering, those early disciples never wavered in their insistence that Jesus was raised from the dead and was (is) still alive.

After Easter, everything was different for the first Christians. The facts of Easter should make a difference in our lives, as well. What does life after Easter look like for you? And what should it look like? Easter Sunday is my favourite day of the year, bar none. Christmas is awesome. My birthday (ha) is fun. But Easter is simply different. Because of it, I have hope for this world (that peace, victory, and the defeat of evil can happen), as well as assurance of my eternal life (and others) in the next world. Heaven is made real to me, and to all believers, because of Easter, when Jesus, in perfect obedience to God’s will, offered his body as a sacrifice taking our sins onto his body (giving us “propitiation” for our sins, a word that means, “the legal requirements for forgiveness were met”), and, then, in his resurrection, showed that death has no hold over those who follow and love Jesus. Those realities should be at the front part of our thinking. Life is not the same after Christ’s resurrection. We should never let our lives return to the humdrum of everyday existence. We should never be “muddling through”, to use an ill-advised term a beloved, late relative used to use in describing his day-to-day life.

We should see the possibilities of new life, excitement, and fulfillment each day brings. Because of Easter, nothing is the same. What if the early disciples who saw Jesus in his resurrected body had simply gone back to their normal lives after they knew He was alive? The world would still be held hostage to Satan’s grip, sins’ reality, and the fear of death. Certainly, there would be no church if that had happened. But the early disciples never let that happen. Such should be the case for us! We can impact family members, friends, colleagues, and strangers with the loving grace of God if we focus on the fact that Jesus is still alive today. The reality of Jesus’ resurrection should transform our everyday lives. May we live accordingly.

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