Blog #358: Participating, Supporting, and Working Together by Stephen Shodipo


At Disability Empowerment Foundation (D.E.F) we create awareness of disabilities and promote social inclusion of persons with developmental disabilities within the faith-based communities. We support advocacy work by creating platforms (Conferences, seminars, workshops) that enable persons with disabilities give their voice, influence local-decision-making processes, control the services they receive, and ultimately become contributing members of the society.

We engage more individuals with disabilities through our comprehensive and person-centered approach.

Build a network of DEF partners that provide exchange of knowledge and resources to further strengthen the ministry with persons affected by disabilities.


Is to work alongside our dear brothers and sisters, as well as their families, who are often being treated poorly within the society, even among Christians community and to create the means for them to live their best lives.


 Our Foundation have a laser-focused commitment to making a meaningful impact within the disability community. Our initiatives span various areas, including:

Ø Diversity and Representation: Including people with disabilities in all aspects of society ensures a more accurate representation of the population as a whole. Their experiences and perspectives enrich discussions, problem-solving, and creativity.

Ø Overcoming Adversity: Disabled individuals often face unique challenges, which can lead to remarkable feats of resilience, determination, and innovation. Their stories serve as a source of inspiration for us all.

Ø Advocacy and Awareness: Disabled individuals and advocacy groups play a crucial role in raising awareness about accessibility and inclusion issues. Their efforts lead to positive changes in policies, infrastructure, and societal attitudes.


In a world where diversity should be celebrated, and every individual is unique, “Inclusion Is a Right, Not a Privilege” stands as a guiding principle at DEF (Disability Empowerment Foundation). Our foundation was founded on the belief that every person, regardless of their abilities or background, deserves the right to full and active participation in society. In this blog post, we’ll delve into how our foundation is dedicated to turning this belief into a reality.

At DEF (Disability Empowerment Foundation), our mission is clear: to empower and advocate for individuals with disabilities. Central to our work is the principle that inclusion should never be considered a privilege; it’s a basic human right that we are determined to protect and promote. For us, inclusion goes far beyond a mere slogan. It’s a driving force that shapes every aspect of our foundation’s activities. Here’s how:

 Ø Meeting Spiritual Needs: Our foundation works with faith-based communities to ensure that they foster an accessible and inclusive environment for persons with disabilities. We believe that encouraging an atmosphere that respects the worth, dignity, and independence of persons with disabilities can create an inclusive and welcoming environment for worship!

Ø Promoting Accessibility: Ensuring that public spaces, transportation, and digital platforms are accessible benefits everyone, not just those with disabilities. Ramps, elevators, and assistive technologies are essential components of an inclusive environment.

Ø Fostering Empathy and Understanding: Encouraging open conversations about disabilities helps break down stereotypes and prejudices. Education programs and awareness campaigns can promote empathy and understanding.

Ø Community Engagement: Foster a sense of belonging and community among disabled `individuals. Organize events and activities that encourage social interaction and peer support.


Let’s take a moment to highlight some of the real stories and experiences that showcase the impact of our work


The first Disability Empowerment Conference on “Redefining Church Culture of Inclusion and Embracing Friendship with Persons with Developmental and Intellectual Disability,” was a latest milestone in a series of a few disability conferences held in Ibadan on Thursday July 21, 2022. The theme of this conference was “Awareness and Inclusion”.


“It is a pleasure to be part of the conference. A big thanks to the organizers. God bless you immensely. Amen.” – Adesola Folorunso

“I Enjoyed being there. You had some good speakers! I hope there will be some energy coming out of the day. As organizers, we always wish there were more people present, and more who want to learn about this important ministry. But each step we learn.” – Reverend Bill Gaventa.


During this year 2023, D.E.F has been able to provide intervention materials such as Computer, Sewing and Barbing materials for the proper functioning of the school for the disabled in Ondo State, Nigeria.


At DEF [Disability Empowerment Foundation], we recognize that there’s much work to be done. Our commitment to the idea that “Inclusion Is a Right, Not a Privilege” drives us forward. Our future goals include:

Ø Seminars

Ø Outreaches

 Ø Conferences and many other to be announce soon…


Our mission projects include..

1. Church and Community Disability Education Project

2. Special Needs School Renovation Project

3. Empowerment and Skill Support Project

Join Us in Our Mission

We invite you to join us in the journey toward a more inclusive world. Here’s how you can get involved:

ü Donate: Your support fuels our initiatives and helps us create lasting change.

Disability Empowerment Foundation

ü Volunteer: Be a part of our dedicated team of volunteers and make a direct impact in the lives of individuals with disabilities.

ü Advocate: Raise your voice alongside ours. Advocate for disability rights, challenge stereotypes, and promote inclusivity.

“Is a Right, Not a Privilege” isn’t just a statement; it’s a commitment we hold close to our hearts at DEF [Disability Empowerment Foundation]. We firmly believe that by working together, we can ensure that every person, regardless of their abilities, enjoys the same rights and opportunities. People with disabilities bring unique perspectives, strengths, and talents to our society. Embracing diversity and promoting inclusivity benefits everyone, creating a more vibrant and resilient community. By supporting accessibility, education, and employment opportunities, we can empower disabled individuals to thrive. Together, we can build a society where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Join us in our mission to make inclusion a reality for all.

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Telephone number: +1-587-501-5149

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