Blog #351: Practical Advice About Giving (Part 1)

John Cline

As a church family, we are working through author and pastor Brian Kluth’s 30-Day Generosity Devotional: 7 Keys to Open-Handed Living in a Tight-Fisted World. With the blogs I write, in these next 3 weeks, I am going to take the appendix articles Pastor Kluth has written and use them in those blogs. Here is some practical advice for people who have questions, doubts, or fears about faithfully and generously giving to the Lord’s work –

If you are NOT a Christian: Don’t focus on giving to God at this time – but instead discover and accept what God wants to give you – complete forgiveness, a brand-new start, the power to be good and to do good, and a home in heaven. God gives these things to you, when you admit that you are a sinner who needs Jesus to be your Saviour – because he took the punishment for your sins on the cross. Ask Jesus to come into your life and to be your living Lord and Saviour.

For all Christians: Always make it a priority to faithfully support the work of your local church first. Then give special gifts and offerings to other Christian causes, projects, missions, or the needy as God leads you.

If you’re fearful about giving 10% or more of your income to the LORD, try a 90-day test: In Malachi 3:10, God invites people to “test” him in the matter of tithing (giving the first 10% of your income to God’s work). Therefore, I encourage people to try a 90-day test. Begin giving 10% of your income to the Lord’s work and watch and see if God does not begin working in your life in ways you haven’t previously experienced. If you regret that decision OR if you feel you never experienced God’s divine help in your finances during this time period, then discontinue the test. However, if you experience God’s help, joyfully continue giving 10% or more to the Lord’s work.

If you want to begin to actively give to God FIRST: Here are four ideas to choose from: 1.) Whenever you get any money, set aside 10% or more to give as the Lord directs. 2.) Whenever you put a deposit in your chequebook, write the first cheque(s) to God’s work for 10% or more. 3.) If you track your finances through a bookkeeping system or computer program, set up a category for church giving and another one for other Christian causes. Then begin to faithfully set aside 10% or more of your income into these accounts. 4.) If you like to handle your finances electronically, consider online or electronic giving options to faithfully give 10% or more of your financial blessings to the Lord.

Part 2 next week…

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