Blog #347: Children and Sex Trafficking (Part 2)

John Cline

I strongly believe that Christians need to know what is happening in our world. If we are not aware or informed, we cannot be faithful warriors for Jesus.

For, example, have you seen the movie “Sound of Freedom”? If not, I really hope you decide to go and see it as it is so informative as to the largest growing illegal activity in the world, child sex trafficking. You should know that its release and now, its success, had been widely opposed by the mainstream media. In a recent post William Jennings wrote: “Disney purchased the rights to this film (‘Sound of Freedom’) with no plans to release it (the movie had been made in 2018 but then Disney purchased it in 2019 and promptly shelved it, with no plans to release it). Angel studios eventually (through crowd-sourcing for the funds needed) bought the rights (to “Sound of Freedom”). Took it to Amazon, got turned down. Took it to Netflix, got turned down. Decided to pre-sell tickets and was able to get in 2600 theatres (in the USA) and beat out Disney’s Indiana Jones (movie) on July 4th. The film is based on a true story.”

A lot of people are wondering why Disney shelved this movie, and why Amazon and Netflix declined to show it. As well, the mainstream media (CNN, Rolling Stone magazine, and others) are now attacking the movie as simply a ‘Qanon’ film without offering even one scintilla of evidence for such a claim. They know that, in our society, no proof is needed if the mainstream media makes an accusation. Many people’s lives (always conservative people) have been ruined by accusations without evidence). But why would those companies strongly condemn a movie exposing the reality of child sex trafficking in the first place? Because it exposes their agenda of normalizing child exploitation.

Imagine being upset about a movie exposing child sex trafficking and thinking you’re the good guys? As Ben Shapiro opines, “CNN sucks. The legacy media has lost the plot – and that’s being generous.” The “plot” they have lost is neutral, objective, honest reporting. The mainstream media is, on so many issues, no longer moral. The leftist liberal media (as well as movie studios such as Disney) have been objectifying and making children exploitation normal for decades and the horror and truth of what they have been doing has finally been exposed. People are seeing the mainstream media and leftist politicians’ agenda for what it is and they are angry, disgusted, and horrified. The natural progression of not letting kids be kids but of instead sexualizing them or not caring for their lives (think, widespread abortion) is this: children are sex objects to be used by adults. This film illustrates the secular leftists thinking and agenda and the results of it.

Consider that pedophiles are now called “MAPS – “Minor Attracted Persons”. Consider that gay pride parades now involve fully naked men showing their genitalia to the children whose parents have unwisely taken them to those “family friendly events” (by the way, not all gays approve. As a spokesman for the group “Gays Against Grooming” has said: they are opposed to the grooming of children to become future homosexuals or defenders of it, and, as he pointed out, gays are so privileged in our society. No other group would be allowed and encouraged to march naked in the streets, particularly in front of children). Consider also, the grooming of children by homosexuals in library “Drag Queen Storytime” throughout North America has become accepted. Consider, for example, the repeated arrests of Pastor Derek Reimer in Calgary for “disturbing the peace” as he has protested those events – and then Calgary City Council passed a bylaw forbidding the public protesting of “Drag Queen Storytime” as the Calgary libraries. We live in a sick and perverted society.

As Tim Ballard, the man whose work rescuing children from pedophiles (both voyeurs and sex traffickers) points out about one of the “journalists” dismissing “Sound of Freedom” as simply being Qanon conspiracy theorist nonsense and rhetoric: “As that guy is talking — and he’s nobody’s hero by the way — I can’t imagine any kid looking at him thinking he’s going to help them out. But I think of the children that are really depicted in that film. I know what happened to them. Those children were the subjects of child rape videos. Those children were being sold for sex.” Ballard, who noted that more than 100 individuals wound up being rescued, added that it is “embarrassing and frankly, grotesque for this guy who knows nothing to start throwing out terms like QAnon and connecting it to a real story.”

A political party in the Netherlands, the “Dutch Party for Neighborly Love, Freedom, and Diversity” was exposed by Tim Ballard, who commented, “They thought that a 3-year-old could consent to sex. Their platform stated: “Separate children from parents because parents are a bad influence”, “The state knows best”, “Sexualize kids – let them see pornography”, “Take God out of education because that just gets in the way.” Do those things sound familiar to you? Of course they do because they are what has been promoted by too many “journalists” in the mainstream media and leftist liberal politicians for many years, even decades. By the way, euthanasia in The Netherlands has become so accepted that now people are being put to death in “assisted suicides” for the most nefarious reasons – and, often, against their expressed wishes. Life has no meaning to too many people. And, in another “by the way”: the Disney corporation has been exposed for several years now as having adopted this sick agenda. Their parks are emptier now and their movies are failing more often than ever before as parents are choosing to stay away. Disney became embroiled in controversy after battling Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over a child protection bill, going so far as to ban employees from using “boy” and “girl” in order to be more inclusive of “trans kids.” Footage from journalist Chris Rufo also revealed an internal Disney struggle session in which one television producer bragged about her “not-so-secret gay agenda” and her efforts to force LGBTQ+ characters into children’s programming at every opportunity. It is heart-breaking.

Scripture teaches that those children have been made in the “image of God”. As Christians, we must care for them. And we must pray for Tim Ballard and for everyone who protects and rescues children. Those who persevere to bring light to this darkened world (as the Book of Revelation and other New Testament passages point out) are faithful warriors. May God bless and preserve and protect them, their families, and their work.

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