40 Days of prayer


As we begin the New Year of 2024, humans often make “New Year’s Resolutions” or some such promises that they hope to keep them in the new year. Whether or not those work out, of course, remains to be seen. For Christians, our resolve spiritually should be to honour the Lord with our decisions and choices. We should love Him “with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength” and “love our neighbours as ourselves”. Jesus said those two commandments are the most important ones (Matthew 22:34-40). But, keeping doing them involves one’s mind and will. Getting to the point where we do so, involves prayer. A life of prayer brings us closer to the Lord and helps us to love Him and others more fully. Thus, be intentional in prayer in 2024. It is essential.
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Jan. 5- Feb. 13, 2024:

Day 1, Friday, January 5th, Jeremiah 10:12 – Consider the majesty of God who “made”, “founded”, and “stretched out” creation by His power, wisdom, and understanding.  Prayer Points: God is source of all power, wisdom and understanding. Pray that you can learn to completely trust and depend upon your father in Heaven. 2. Ask God to have the same faith Jesus displayed in the wilderness, and that he would reveal himself to you as you seek and depend upon him for all things.  

Day 2, Saturday, January 6th, Ezekiel 11:2 – God knows all the plans of good people, and all the scheming of evil ones. Be humble before Him!
Prayer Points: 1. Pray that God will reveal every pride and faulty confidence you may have.  2. Ask God to help you live in humble obedience and submission to his good, perfect, loving will.

Day 3, Sunday, January 7th, Lamentations 4:12 – God surprises the skeptics who doubt His power. Never doubt His power – nor His love! Prayer Point: Pray that you will not fail to view the terrible consequences of sin or trials of various kinds and what can be learned from them. 

Day 4, Monday, January 8th, Jude 1:20,21 – By intentionally “building…praying…waiting” you will experience the Lord’s mercy and salvation. Think through how you are living! Prayer PointsAsk God to bring renewal, growth and transformation to your life and the community around you. 2. Ask that he would help you to orient your entire life to him, seek him with all that you are, and conform you to the image of his Son, Jesus.

 Day 5, Tuesday, January 9th, Isaiah 48:10 – Nobody wants to go through fiery trials – but we are “refined” or “purified” by the process if we trust God. Prayer Points: 1. Pray that God would help you to remember that every difficulty, every challenge is intended to make you into a vessel that can be used by Him. 2. Grace to accept that nothing happens in your life that cannot be used to bring glory and honour to His name. 

Day 6, Wednesday, January 10th, 1st Corinthians 4:8 – Let us not waste the riches and positions the Lord has given us! Serve Him truly! Prayer Points: 1. Pray to your Father that you learn to walk by the Spirit.  2. Ask that he helps you to let go of the selfish desires of your heart or personal advantages and instead to love and serve others displaying the fruit of the Spirit to all those around you.  

 Day 7, Thursday, January 11th, Colossians 4:3 – We can glorify God and witness for Jesus wherever we may be. As the well-known saying goes, “Just do it!” Prayer Points: 1. Pray that God would reveal your spiritual gifts, which are promised and bestowed upon all believers in Jesus. 2. Ask him to empower you to fully use your gifts in his mission to reach, redeem, and renew the world in the name of Jesus.  Pray for missionaries to have opportunities to evangelize.  

Day 8, Friday, January 12th, Jonah 1:8-10 – Jonah, after his time of being fearful, rose up in faith and served the Lord faithfully and fearlessly (even at the risk of his own life being taken). Which Jonah are we more like: the first or the second? Prayer Points: 1. Pray that you would be filled with his Spirit to live completely dependent upon him as you move throughout your day.  2. Thank God today for the gift of his Spirit who dwells within you because you belong to Jesus. 

 Day 9, Saturday, January 13th, Proverbs 12:7 – God protects those who are faithful to Him, but it is not like we have to do amazing things. Our relationship with Him is based on our faith and His grace alonePrayer Points: 1. Thank our Father for adopting you and ask for the faith and courage to rid your life of all desires and actions that are opposed to his holiness. 2. Ask him to purify your heart as he is pure and to help you bear fruits worthy of repentance.

 Day 10, Sunday, January 14th, 1st Samuel 16:8,11,12 – God’s ways are so much better than ours. His choices are perfect and right. Let us trust Him fully! Prayer Points: 1. Pray that God will help you to seek Him before making any decisions. 2. Ask that by God’s special grace, you will be in the right place and at the right time in Jesus name.

Day 11, Monday, January 15th, Isaiah 41:10 – The theme of not fearing but trusting in God who strengthens, helps, and upholds us with His “righteous right hand” is repeated often in the Bible. Have courage! Prayer Points: 1. Voice your concerns and fears to God. Cast your cares upon him and remind yourself of his deep care for you. 2. Ask for his peace to guard your heart and mind and give you freedom from the crippling effects of depression and anxiety. Thank him for his presence and love. 

Day 12, Tuesday, January 16th, John 20:5 – Jesus left the door open to the empty tomb for his followers to go into. He wants us to look in and see if what is said about him is real. Will you look? Prayer Points: 1. Pray that God will help you look beyond the circumstances that surround you and to trust Jesus and his word. 2. Ask him to increase you love and longing for him to live by faith and not by sight. 

 Day 13, Wednesday, January 17th, Ezekiel 10:4 – The “glory” of the Lord has been seen by His people. He is majestic and incomparable and all the angelic cherubim and seraphim worship and adore Him! Prayer Points:  1. Pray that you will be witness and defender of holiness. 2. Pray for the nation of Canada that it will be a land that honours and keeps God’s statues, and obeys God. 

 Day 14, Thursday, January 18th, Jeremiah 40:6 – Jeremiah’s heart was for his people. That cost him dearly but explains why he is so beloved now. Do we care for others in the way Jeremiah did? Prayer Points: 1. Pray that God would reveal the pride and selfishness in your heart. Allow the Holy Spirit to help you see others in your life through his eyes, and to consider them above yourself. 2. Who can you serve today?

Day 15, Friday, January 19th, Habakkuk 1:12 – Sometimes God will use evildoers (e.g. the Babylonians) to accomplish His purpose. Let’s trust Him in what He is doing in today’s world.  Prayer Points: 1. Pray and thank God for his promise and faithfulness! 2. Ask God to fill you with incredible hope in his goodness, grace and sovereignty over all things and to help you fix your gaze on him all the days of your life.  

Day 16, Saturday, January 20th, James 1:14 – Temptation entices us to give into “evil desires”. Jesus instructs us to pray for God’s help to overcome temptation. Prayer Points: 1. Pray for people who are struggling with addictions and ask our Father to deliver them. If you are suffering from any form of addiction, ask for deliverance and healing in your own life according to his will. 2. Thank God for the future promise of all things being made new in his Kingdom. Ask God to give you testimonies to tell of his power and mercy, that his good news would be proclaimed, and his name honoured.

 Day 17, Sunday, January 21stIsaiah 45:10 – Questioning God’s ways gets us nowhere. Trust Him! Prayer Points: 1. Ask God’s forgiveness for holding onto your own thoughts, and ideas or the way you think He should work. 2. Pray that He should exchange your will to His will. Desire to fully put your trust in him.

Day 18, Monday, January 22nd, Colossians 1:9,10 – The apostle Paul prayed for the Christians in Colossae (in modern day Turkey) that they would be filled with God’s understanding so that they could live a life worthy of Him. Pray that for yourself and others.

 Day 19, Tuesday,  January 23rd, Micah 2:10 – We should not be comfortable listening to the words of false prophets. Seek God’s truth. Seek out His spokespeople. Be uncompromising in your life. Prayer Points: 1. As you seek your Father in prayer, pray that he would enable you to hold tightly to the truth of his word and reject false beliefs. 2. Ask that he gives you a hunger for his word, so that you might know the truth and live your life submitted to him. Ask that he helps you to put into practice his unassailable truth. 

Day 20, Wednesday,  January 24th, Hosea 2:11 – God will act to stop public celebrations of sin. We want to be on the “right side” of His ways. Prayer Points: 1. Pray that you would be convicted by God to repent wherever your heart and life is contrary to him. 2. Ask that God would help you to truly know and believe how fully forgiven and loved you are in Christ, even as you seek godly conviction that leads to repentance and renewal.   

Day 21, Thursday,  January 25th, 1 Timothy 5:15 – We don’t like to face this fact: there are some people in churches who have turned away from God, to serve Satan. We need to be diligent and vigilant. Prayer Points: 1. Pray for 5 people in your life today that do not know Jesus. Pray that their hearts would be softened and that God would move in their lives so they would become fully devoted of Christ. 2. Ask God how he can use you in their lives and then take some time to listen. 

 Day 22, Friday, January 26th, 1st Corinthians 14:6 – We need to engage both our spirit and our mind when praying and praising God. God, and others, are watching. Let us honour God in our prayers. Prayer Points: 1. Pray and ask your Father to strengthen you to live in complete integrity. 2. That God would enable you to love and trust him so much that you do not need to hide your ways or manage your image.   

Day 23, Saturday, January 27th, Amos 1:8 – Modern-day nations would do well to study how God dealt with the nations of old who opposed Him and mocked or mistreated His people. Let us learn! Prayer Points: 1. Pray for those who are bewitched by the sins of the world and do not perceive the judgement of God on all sin and wrongdoing. Pray that they will be led to hear the truth and be saved. 2. Ask the Lord to help you discern the nature of judgement on your nation, society or your church and resolve to talk about this with others. 

Day 24, Sunday, January 28th, Isaiah 24:18 – The “Day of the Lord” is fearsome. Let us live in such a way that we will be ready, and help others to be ready, before that day of great awePrayer Points: 1. The Lord is coming soon. Ask the Lord to help you not waste time on frivolous living and be ready for the day that’s coming. 2. Pray for help to be faithful in evangelism, to urge your friends and neighbours to flee the wrath to come.

Day 25, Monday, January 29th, Amos 2:11 – The Lord has always planned for His people’s future, protecting, and guiding them. Let us recognize the ways He has done that for us in our own personal history. Prayer Points: 1. Pray for God’s hand over missionaries and for churches through our city and the world. 2. Ask the Lord for a heart to serve and to be filled with His Spirit and knowledge of His will that you may be useful for His kingdom’s purpose and glory.

 Day 26, Tuesday, January 30th, Jonah 1:11,12 – Jonah knew exactly what had to happen to bring peace to the storm, even at his own peril. Are we prepared to do what is right to stop a “storm” in our life? Prayer PointsPray that the Lord will reveal the cause of whatever storm you might be going through right now. 2. Ask that the Lord to give you a great salvation from the storm. Whatever you have lost because of that storm, be recovered all in Jesus’ name!

 Day 27, Wednesday, January 31st, Matthew 14:12 – Tragedies and sorrow can come even upon God’s people. Faithful friends can help through those terrible times. Are you a faithful friend? Prayer Points: 1. Pray that you would be faithful servants and faithful stewards and to do whatever He calls you to do. 2. Ask for grace to be true and faithful friend to others, and bless those, who are longing for a true friend to find a loving, supportive church family. 

Day 28, Thursday, February 1st, Acts 16:40 – Hardships can be endured with the support of fellow Christians. So, let’s support those who are undergoing trials. Prayer Points: 1. Pray that this may be your true reality, that you accept one another, pray for one another, seek to help one another, bear one another’s burdens, and meet one another’s needs. 2. Pray for your SGBC Church family, the same way Paul prayed for his friends in Philippi: “that [their] love will keep on growing in knowledge and every kind of discernment,” and that they would “be pure and blameless in the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ to the glory and praise of God” (Philippians 1:9-11)

 Day 29, Friday, February 2nd,  Psalm 41:1,2 – The Lord has a special regard and blessing for those who are kind to the weak. So, you being a blessing blesses others as well as yourself! Prayer Points: 1. Ask the Lord to lead us to intercede or advocate with bold courage for those whose voices most don’t want to hear or listen to. 2. Pray for help us to do the uncomfortable work of growing our mindsets and ability to love with Christ-guided eyes and mind.

Day 30, Saturday, February 3rd, Genesis 4:10 – The Lord knows when we have not been our “brother’s keeper”. Let us honour God and our brothers and sisters with what we do – for everyone’s sake! Prayer Points:  1. Thank God for the enduring promise of his overwhelming grace in the face of our sin nature. 2. Ask the Lord to help you not to do anything that would hinder His Plan for his creation and communion with you.

 Day 31, Sunday, February 4th, Isaiah 49:6 – Jesus was born as Israel’s Messiah and to “bring light to the Gentiles”. Through him, salvation and blessings come to every people group. Praise Him! Prayer Points:  1. Thank God for fulfilling the plan that he had in the beginning to bring light to the earth and hope to the nations through the seed of Abraham. 2. Pray that God will make us lights to those who are yet to come to Christ.  

Day 32, Monday, February 5th, 1st Corinthians 4:8-10 – The apostle Paul was humble and so God made him rich, but Paul mocked those who were unwisely proud of themselves. Be humble before God. Prayer Points: 1. Ask God to grant you discernment and keep you from being sucked into wrong thinking.  2. Pray that you will run the race well, looking to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith and giving all glory to Him.

Day 33, Tuesday, February 6th, Ezekiel 8:16 – God gave the prophet Ezekiel a horrifying vision of the spiritual leaders of Jerusalem doing “utterly detestable things” such as worshipping idols and false gods. This still happens today. Be careful to worship the one true God! Prayer Points: 1. Pray for protection from idolatry or things you revere in the place of God. May those who see you know that you are a follower of one true God. 2. Ask God to deliver you from idolatry that you are aware of and show you the idolatry that you cannot see. 

Day 34, Wednesday, February 7th, Deuteronomy 10:18 – God wants us to love, fear, and serve Him fully – and, to “defend the fatherless and the widows, and love the foreigners” living amongst us. Prayer Points: 1. Pray that God will open your eyes to those who are suffering and show you where you can help.  2. Ask Him to extend hope through you, making you His hands and feet through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Day 35, Thursday, February 8th, John 18:11-13 – The “cup of the Father” that had been “given” to Jesus was to be arrested, bound, and brought for trial before the Jewish high priests. Not everything from God is easy. Trust Him and trust His ways, for doing so will bring good and blessings. Prayer Points: 1. Ask the Lord to help you learn the spiritual lessons that he would teach you and to live in willing obedience and utter dependence upon him.  2. Pray that you never fear the cup of difficult circumstances in your life, but live as he intended, learning obedience by the things that you may suffer so that in all things you may say, “Thy will not mine be done.”

Day 36, Friday, February 9th, Jonah 2:1-4 Even when he was inside the belly of the great fish, Jonah trusted God and prayed, “Yet, I will look again toward your holy temple.” Have that kind of faith! Prayer PointPray that like Jonah, God may transform your heart, open our eyes to his work as you pray about every situation and participate in what he is doing.

Day 37, Saturday, February 10th, Hosea 13:7 – God desires to protect us, and not to bring us harm. Live in humble obedience to Him, honouring Him as you go through this day. Prayer PointsPray for discernment to hear God’s call to repentance in the events of your life and in the events of the world.   2. What is the Lord leading you pray about today?

Day 38, Sunday, February 11th, Numbers 18:20,24  The Aaronites and Levites did not receive any “inheritance” in the Promised Land, other than that God would look after them. This would have been a shock to them, but it was a good thing for it reminded them of their divine purpose.  Prayer Points: 1. Thank God for his gracious provisions for all, according to his riches in mercy. 2 Ask God’s help to give freely and cheerfully your praise, thanksgiving and substance, for all his goodness and grace to us.

Day 39, Monday, February 12th, 1st Timothy 1:8  False teachers proclaim that God’s law is “outdated” or “irrelevant” to the modern times, but Scripture teaches, “We know that the law is good if one uses it properly.” Seek out teaching which is accurate and truthful. God’s law applies today! Prayer Points: 1. Ask God to give you discernment to identify teachings or leaders who wittingly or unwittingly, use the Law unlawfully, by adding to Christ’s finished work on the Cross. 2. Ask for help to make you a student of the Word of God (Bible).

Day 40, Tuesday, February 13th, John 14:18 God will never leave us “as orphans” but will come to us and be with us at all times. Let us rest in that assurance and good news. Prayer Points: 1.Thank God for His perpetual presence. Thank him for his amazing grace this past 40 days. 2. Ask for God’s presence to be felt in your daily walk in 2024 and beyond, guiding you, shaping you and using you to bring the reality of his kingdom – a life abundant and eternal. Amen!

February 13th, 2024 is “Shrove Tuesday”, a traditional time of Christians gathering for one last meal before Easter. Please join us this evening for a “shared” (in other words, “potluck”) meal. The church will supply pancakes and sausages, but we ask that you bring whatever food item you would like to donate to fill out our meal. Thank you for praying throughout these 40 Days of Prayer. God is good – all the time. All the time – God is good. Praise Him!