The positive growth and development of Children are the central focus of Southgate BaptistChurch and as such, children are encouraged to participate whole heartedly in the church’s activities. We believe that continued exposure to the scripture using methodologies that will appeal to their age group is the first step needed to stimulate their sensibilities with a view to fostering the enduring relationship many persons within the faith aspire to achieve with God. Provided below is a synopsis of the various activities and classes provided by Southgate Baptist for the children within our congregation:

  • Children’s Sunday School

Children’s Sunday School takes place between the hours of 10:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.. Though the focus is on sharing stories about the christian faith, an effort is made to encourage discussion, play and camaraderie. As such, Children’s Sunday School lessons are less structured and fun activities are incorporated to ensure that the lessons appeal to the respective age groups. The resource adapted by all classes is Betty Lukens’ “Through the Bible in Felt”. 

Starting September 3, 2023, the High Schoolers will be running Alpha Youth Video Series at Sunday School to help them discuss some important life questions. 

The Youth Class is geared towards children in Grade 7 and above and focuses on strengthening discipleship by improving one’s knowledge of the Christian faith. In addition to strengthening their bond with the Lord, the Church seeks to engender leadership by allowing the children the outlet to freely express themselves and spearhead initiatives inside and outside of the church such as visiting neighbouring churches, representing the church at social events, actively participating in the Gull Lake Camp activities and assisting with the convening of Kidz Klub. The children are further encouraged to interact with their community at various levels in order to nurture a sense of community and belonging.

The Tweens Class prepares children in Grades 4-6 to undertake a more hands-on role in the Church and the wider community. Lessons are focused on building self esteem, improving one’s knowledge about the bible and imparting wisdom that will assist with a lifelong walk with God. This is a very sensitive time for children as they transition into teenagers and it is important that they feel valued by celebrating their unique qualities. Consequently, an effort is made to develop lessons that will not only build their confidence but also encourage them to value and respect their peers.

The Lower Elementary Disciples Class allows children in Grades 1-3 to transition into a more structured class setting. Emphasis is placed on following a lesson plan. Children are routinely quizzed about what they have learnt and are given memory verses. Though lessons are structured, the atmosphere is kept light so that the children are able to have fun and laugh as they learn.

Preschoolers and Kindergarten students are placed in the Beginners Class where they are told stories about the bible and taught songs. Entertaining videos are also shared with the kids as a means of diversifying the mediums used to educate them about the Bible and the christian principles.

Please note that Nursery Facilities are provided for children who cannot meaningfully participate in Sunday School activities or are under the age two.

Recurrent Activities

In addition to Sunday School activities, Southgate Baptist offers a number of seasonal activities geared towards the children who attend the church and those living in neighbouring communities.

The Kidz Klub program runs from September to June yearly and takes place on Fridays during that period from 5pm-7pm. This dynamic program comprises two areas of focus: Bible Lessons, and Craft & Games (not running this year 2022/2023).

Southgate runs the Vacation Bible School program in July of each year. The Vacation Bible School is another forum used by the Church to entertain children and educate them about God in a laid back atmosphere.

At Southgate, safety and protection of our children is of the utmost importance. All volunteers working with children have undergone background checks and are encouraged to enter regular leadership meetings.  

If you require further information about the programs listed above, please call 780-434-1663 or email us at