Blog #297: Overview to a 40 Day Spiritual Journey to a Generous Life

John Cline
As a Church Family, we will begin a 40 Day devotional process on August 1st. Each of you in our church is invited to take part, and we will be sending you daily emails with inspiring devotionals. There is a private response part to each devotional that you can fill in on your own.
The author of this devotional booklet, Brian Kluth, had his life transformed by Jesus Christ as he learned to live and give generously based on the truth of God’s Word found in this booklet. Brian is a pastor, inspirational guest speaker, and he is frequently interviewed by American media. He lives with his family in Denver, Colorado.
Today, Brian Kluth’s generosity materials have been distributed in over 150 countries among pastors, leaders, and people in thousands of churches. Brian has created popular websites on generosity giving, and finances (,,,, and
Here are some reviews of his material:
“Brian Kluth has a passion for teaching people to give generously. This is a highly effective tool based on God’s Word and will produce generous hearts and extraordinary generosity.”

HOWARD DAYTON, Co-founder with Larry Burkett of Crown Financial Ministries and now President of Compass

“Brian’s booklet takes the idea of generosity and makes it workable and practical. I recommend this booklet without reservation.”

RON BLUE, President Kingdom Advisors

“Dr. Brian Kluth’s generosity devotional is being used by God in a tremendous way. He has been called by God to communicate and demonstrate God’s generosity principles to people everywhere.”

LEE JENKINS, Investment advisor, Financial Author, Speaker.

3000+ Churches have ordered this booklet for every family Denominations have sent copies to every pastor/church CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES have given copies to donors. MISSIONARIES have sent copies to their supporters. SEMINARIES have given copies to every student, and on and on. So, we trust that you will be blessed by, even transformed by the devotions you will be receiving by email daily (and shared on our facebook page), starting on August 1st. The church does have some hard copy booklets, for those who would prefer to use them. May our Lord richly bless all who participate in this rewarding adventure encouraging us to live lives of generosity.

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